Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Natural Laws of the Universe in my World of Design.

    Some say knowledge is power, I say, "applied knowledge is power".  What good is it to be a "storage unit" until it can be of use in some way, mentally and physically.  Oh, but wait.....  storing is ok,  there is a function,  The Law of Rhythm states everything has a natural cycle.  So....a holding tank, aka "storage unit", will run its course as well, and I know my real storage units, mentally and physically have run their course! :)
I am so excited to start producing and sharing my long awaited projects and years of study,  as they apply to interior environments.

It feels a little like Christmas since this summer, as I have been unpacking and working on my long list of projects to complete. I am also thrilled to say, I have finally felt a shift in my desire to stop licking my wounds and get the bandage on - or let it air dry!!! Healing again, healed again, done. Bring on the dessert of life, and I like peppermint ice cream with hot fudge... A lot.  (In that silly voice of Mr. Funny).
                                                         THE LAW OF RHYTHM

 I am going to start with each law as one short blog-bit of information. You will appreciate my skipping the technical research, physics, medical research and downright "geekieness" of it all. I am fascinated by the dynamics of how our world works and how we function within our world, our reality as we create it.

 Your reality is not mine, but we all are in it together... (Notice how one upbeat person can change the dynamics of an entire group)!  Guess what it is much deeper than that.  I have navigated many of life's mine fields.  The wisdom from experiencing various obstacles in life has given me the continued  interest to search for many pathways to wellness and living well via our environment, my passion. Oh, that is another law... for extended discussion another day.

Regarding the Law of Rhythm, night follows day, tides go in and out, our body has a natural rhythm and life regenerates itself.  Thankfully, nothing stays the same, when we have bad times, the wise words that come to mind are.... "THIS TOO SHALL PASS".

 Relating this phrase to your home environment, what comes to your mind?   Here are some pivotal questions to ask yourself to create your best rhythm at home, in relationship, in community and beyond.

* What drains you when you look around?

*What energizes you?

* Is there something within that space that is keeping you from being your best?

* What do you want to see come forward, to manifest?

* Is it time to get your home organized?

*Is it time to take a hard look at your soiled carpets, food stained sofa?  Or get a new or refreshed space?

*Is it time to create new habits in your home?  Like obtaining a furniture piece to put items away at the "door dump", when things get dropped at the entry or items needing to be returned, etc.. the results are amazing when a bite of the elephant is taken.  A BITE, I said... keep a rhythm going.  To prevent feeling overwhelmed, make time each day to first plan then execute.  Oh... and then reward.

* Do you need to have better proportion in your furnishings in relationship to your space and body type?

*Are you dealing with allergies?  The culprit my not only be outside influences.

* Do you have a personal place, your own cocoon, that is all you, weather you are the man of the house or woman.

I could go on, and on, and on......

  If you are overwhelmed by the thought of this, we need to talk!  You know how to get in touch with me (Facebook message, or, 661-742-6022).  

Cleaning, clearing and creating an environment in which you can enjoy your best personal rhythm will support your well-being, productivity, and attitude.

Here is to the Law of Rhythm!

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