Friday, November 22, 2013


Make it Fun
Make it Memorable
Make it with Shared Responsibilities
Make it with Mementos
Make it with an Intention
Make it with a Plan

No one wants to lose something they value.  We worry whether we are doing enough to protect it and if it can be sustained.  As family units are changing, the incorporation of new ideas and adjustments are a non-ending concern.  Balancing who is where and at what time grandchildren and children can be shared  among the extended families and non-extended families, becomes an exercise in an acceptance of reality. Family traditions have changed, the core family is no longer the primary treasure chest for the most precious of memory making.
As family units grow and become apart of a new age, adjusting is the only solution to make yourself happy.
That could incorporate a complete shift of who you start to entertain, beginning a new tradition of your own design, by choice and not obligation.  If it is not working with family don't force it, don't wait around and always be ready to receive when or if a turn comes around.  We all have lessons at different times, trust that all is good and in divine order.  As mothers' it is very strange to experience the first time our children are not breaking bread with us during a Holiday.  But, College, jobs and life get in the way of those most cherished times of  the year.

Apart from Holiday entertaining, any celebration is always a perfect time to create new memories.  Celebrations do not compete with the major family gatherings at the Holidays and can be a new creative tradition all alone.

A dinner before the Christmas Parade
A desert after baseball season
Wine and cheese before a concert

Naomi, my dear friends daughter, creates her own Birthday Celebration every year. She stays at a beautiful Hotel, in LA, pampers herself during the day and invites guests for the evening, up on the rooftop or bar. It is so much fun. Fun for the guests and fun for the Birthday Girl. As adults, we do not get to celebrate our friends that have come into our life, often enough, this is a perfect time.  This idea could be reserved for the week before with friends, if you spend your date of birth with family.

Entertaining takes planning.  You can be prepared for spur of the moment dinners or spontaneous invites after the movies.  It is easier when there is preparation already in place.  So find a go to meal that is interesting and easy.  Always have the ingredients on hand for that particular meal.  It could be as easy as having olives, cheese, salami, carrots and celery for starters.  Preparing homemade spaghetti sauce and freezing, spaghetti noodles, french bread and garlic butter.  This meal can be a no fail winner using grass fed beef and gluten free noodles, cuts down on the caloric and sugar table.

Here is to making your own memories happy ones!

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