Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Interior Insights"

"Interior Insights" tm, a term I use for a design technique which combines scientific research and ancient philosophies. "Interior Insights" creates positive affects from interior environments upon mind, body and spirit. The incorporation of proven environmental studies and strategies to alleviate stress, nurture and capture individual needs in personal space is an advanced design practice. Years of studying toward a holistic approach to interior design include the following additional fields of scholarship:

*Psychoneuroimmunology - the study of stress and the effects on the body, as it relates to interior design.

*Color Theory - pertaining to the the vibrations of color and the impact of chemical changes within the body and its effects of mood and behavior.

*Personality Profiling - helpful in accessing needs within your environment, ie; structure, organization, calming or flexibility, etc. Qualifying best product and materials suited for personalization and comfort of interior space.

* Vastu Living - A 5,000 year old philosophy, the Indian precursor to Feng Shui

* Healing Spaces - The science of place and well-being.

* Healthy Home - Identification and resourcing of materials, objects and ingredients for a non-toxic healthy living environment.

*Sensual Home - An understanding of the senses and the relationship to development within an environment assisting in stages for emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

* Sacred Space - The power of place, and ritual cleansing.

* Elemental Theory - A study of 5 basic forms of energy believed to determine our whole physical, psychological and emotional balance.

*LOHAS Living - Lifestyle of health and sustainability.

*EBD - Evidence Based Design, used by Architects, Health Facilities and Institutions using an approach that gives importance to design elements which impact health, well-being and

Monday, July 26, 2010


Viewscapes is a term I use for creating exterior views from interior spaces. Giving a finishing touch to a room through the extension of the interior visual field. Small pockets of intimate spaces seen beyond windows or doors into nature create an extension of calming, welcoming ambiance to the room and interest to a landscape. The coordination of the interior elements are continued outdoors in many ways, through color, style, materials, surfaces, accessories and art.

A balcony, for example, I have noticed is used many times for storage or not up to its beautiful potential. You may be surprised to find many types of low enclosed shelving structures or armoire for less than $100.00 at second-hand stores. Stay with your style or coordinate with a color, use boat paint for weatherizing. A simple way to organize and add interest. A low structure could be used to add extra seating, (top with weather resistant sunbrella fabric on mildew resistant cushion and pillow forms). Think multi-use and out of the original intention, view with an open mind and out of the box when shopping. A daybed could be wonderful if there is room enough. Balconies can be a beautiful extension to your living space instead of a catch all, set some time aside to give yourself another room to live, love and enjoy!